Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, We had 2 winners last night,prisonnurse. and vexed, we are playing Letter T for turkey thursday !

Lot's of numbers, here goes.

letter-T.gif B-13 B-5 I-17 I-30 N-31

N-36 G-48 G-53 O-64 G-50

O-71 B-2 I-23 B-11 O-70

G-60 O-65 O-73 O-64 G-66

N-39 N-42 N-32 B-15 B-7

wait, 2 more, N-41 and I-26

Ok ladies, have a good one. And have a wonderful day tomorrow with family and friends, hugs, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

I have "urkey" on my card,  but full of thanks in my heart.  Everywhere I look,  everything I touch. A constellation of friends.  Boundless blessings from Above. 


A happy and healthy Thanksgiving to all.  See you all again on Monday.  Jen, please do send me a card for the next game.  Mahalo nui loa. Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 2.36.35 PM copy.jpg


Recognized Social Butterfly

Good Thanksgiving Eve everyone. No "T" for me, but I can't complain I did win the regular and I see @Vexed won also.

I have my cherry pie baked and my rolls are next. Tomorrow my family will have a choice of either Turkey or Ham since my son is doing both. It will be a great day to finally celebrate with all my family members.

Please sign me up for the next game and everyone have a great and wonderful Thanksgiving.


Charonanne E Kading
Social Butterfly

Thanks for the congrats y'all. Sign me up for next week.

Have a very Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Honored Social Butterfly

Congratulations to yesterday's winners 🎉🏆 I still need 2 more numbers, Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone 🦃 sign me up for next week game.

Bronze Conversationalist

Please sign me up for next weeks game.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



Honored Social Butterfly

I still need an I and an N............HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE.

Silver Conversationalist

No “T” for me. I’d like to play next week @jen43 . Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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