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Hi Everyone, We have a heat advisory, so spending time indoors, hope all of you are staying cool.

Here are the numbers for tonight >


B-4  I-26  G-51  N-45  O-72

N-31  B-12  I-16  G-59  O-65

I-30  N-40  B-8


Good Luck, I'll check back in a bit, Jen

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Congratulations to Wanda @FAYESPLACE on getting our regular bingo game. You're a DOUBLE WINNER with two bingos!


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Way to go Wanda! 


I would have joined Wanda @FAYESPLACE for the bingo boogie had Jen called O64. 

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 BINGO   ACROSS  B -10  I - 20  N - 40  G - 59  O - 66   AND   DOWN    B- 10  4  6  12  2

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These are GOOD BINGOS, WOW !

bingo%20trophy%20new.jpg YOU ARE THE 1st WINNER, WAY TO GO Wanda!

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Stay cool with those heat advisories! @SassiLady I’m glad you got in to see the doctor. I hope you get some relief. @justpj I also have a ‘Reach’. We are probably hoping for the same number!

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I have two waits so it just may go tonight. Come on all you slow pokes get out here and yell bingo. (I know I am early tonight. LOL) Saw the doctor today and she put me on a six day steroid. Weird, start out with six pills today and less each day until only one the last day. I sure hope it does something because she wasn't positive just what was wrong. Maybe tendonitis or maybe a flare up of my arthritis or one of my other autoimmune issues. Nothing like having a bunch of issues, just put them all in a hat and pull one out, and blame that one.

Good luck everyone.

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SassiLady's diagnosis method is totally in line with my way of thinking. 😉


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We are under a heat advisory also as close as I'm are I know someone else is a lot closer to a win .. good luck everyone!

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ok no one get bingo....I am one number away LOL

Pam G.
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