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Hi everyone.

It's been a good day here,came inside when it got too hot.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

I-18- B-3 N-34 G-51 O-69

B-5 G-46 O-64 N-41 I-20

O-61 I-26-B-13

GOOD LUCK,be back soon, Jen

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Hello everybody!


Sorry I have been absent. I have been out of town with family the last 2 weeks. How is everyone? Did I miss a lot? Hope everyone is well and excited for summer ☀️



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Welcome back @TheSuzyQ 


Oh wow! Only 2 numbers tonight. Maybe tomorrow I will get the one I need for a bingo.


It was a beautiful day today. Not too hot - it was just perfect. I can handle summer like this!


This is my first week in 2 months that I am no dying from allergies, so I am THRILLED!!! Unfortunately, I finished my 5 year allergy shot maintenance in December and tried this season out without it, and it is not working! So, last week I went back on shots and have received two doses to date and I feel sooooooo much better!!!

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Last night the clouds came back and lightening off to the north. Never got anything here. Good luck everyone.

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My card is stinGy in the G column:  none can be seen!  And the other columns are not helping the Bingo cause either.

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Well last week it was one a night and now so far it is four per night. No help though as I still need two for a bingo. The temp is 84 right now but it hasn't been very humid so it is comfortable. Good luck everyone.

Oh,just saying, it's 70 inside...brrrrrrr.

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Good evening everyone. It is 98 outside and very very windy and warm. The wind is blowing so much that getting my garbage can up my very steep driveway was almost impossible. Usually if the wind is that strong there is rain in the area and there is no rain.

I got more numbers tonight and one away from winning which means someone out there in Bingo Land is closer, maybe a Bonus game tomorrow. Tomorrow I will be going to my son's concert at Lake Worth High School, in Texas, since there is a Lake Worth in Florida. I hope to get here before I leave. 

You take care and have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Right now it's 90 degrees here, I only got 1 little lonely number today. Good luck to the rest of you🤞

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