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Sorry I'm late, Birthday party for my great grandaughter, just got home.

HERE are the numbers for tonight>


B- 2  I-21  G-48  N-37  O-63

I-27  B-11  O-65  G-59  I-19

N-43  B-8  G-46

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen



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Jen, no problem, family comes first. Congratulations to miliannie on her win. WTG lady.

I was here earlier but didn't get to post as someone said dinner was ready.

Glad of a bonus game tomorrow as I only have four lonely numbers on my board.

Good luck everyone.

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Congrats to our winner 🏆 I did get a few numbers today

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Jen I didn't get here on Monday, but I laughed at what you said, and last night my grandson came and put my tree together and the lights on it, as my family has forbidden me to do it, as I tried one year and me and the tree had an accident. I fell into the tree and it came apart, and of course the cat thought I wanted to play and proceeded to join me. Ever since then it is no grandma do not touch the tree.

But it will probably take me all week to finish it. I am allow to decorate. I had a great Thanksgiving with my son and my DIL. We had to spit our family this year, as my grandson's girlfriend tested positive and we were waiting to see what my grandson test would be, so my grandsons spent Thanksgiving with their mother and their other grandmother. Because of my Congested Heart Failure they didn't want to take a chance with me. 

But the results of the test for my grandson came back he is negative. There is Christmas and we are all hoping to spend it together.

You have a great night and see you all tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Unbelievable!  A Tuesday bingo for me on card 121. Straight across the top row:


B11- I23 - N43 - G46 - O72


Everybody, have your favorite ice tea on me!

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