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Tues Aug 27th Our Bingo Game Continues

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Tues Aug 27th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, A good day today, sunny blue skies, And I had a good day, renewed my drivers license, took the road test in my truck and passed! The kids wanted me to use my sons car, but I woke up this morning and said to myself "you can do this" and I did, my truck is a big Ford F150, 4x4..I have to use the handy lever to get inside..LOL I know I need something smaller, but this is what I drive..

It was Denny's and it's paid for !


Here are your numbers for today>

G-57  B-13  N-34  O-67  I-21

O-72  N-40  G-46  B-2  I-27

B-7  G-50  O-63


Good Luck, I'll be back soon, Jen



Recognized Social Butterfly

Jen I finally got my numbers today Wednesday. I teach knitting classes on Tuesday and Thursday at the local library in the evening and by the time I get home it is late, and usually don't get my numbers until the next day. I leave at 5:30 p.m. cst. and don't get home until 8:30.
Most of the time I am unable to leave a post here because for some reason it doesn't want to work, unless I shut my computer down, which is what I did this morning to put this post here. I am always afraid I will get a bingo and I know this can mess thing up for you, but I did not get one, thank goodness, but there is always tonight. Hopefully if I do I can let you know.
Usually I go to church on Wednesday but my grandson needs my car so I have no way to go, I am the back up car when my son or his mother cars are not available. You all have a great and blessed day.
Charonanne E Kading
Trusted Contributor

Oh boy, now I have to watch this Dorian storm...heading toward Florida.

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I could have /would have a bingo, if only you did call the one number I needed yesterday!!!!
I could have/would have a lottery Jackpot, if only the numbers I needed were called.
Ah, life can be so uncooperative.....That calls for an old Southern saying, "You wish in one hand, and you tish in the other, which one fills up first?"

Have a good day. May someone bingo today.
Social Butterfly

Oh Jen - keep the truck - as along as you can drive it - get in & out of it I would keep it. When you start to have some problems you can trade in it. 

Honored Social Butterfly

I wouldn't get rid of it for nothing I'm sure there's lots of memories with it. I got a few more numbers today nothing to brag about.

Honored Social Butterfly

Those are all good points Jen and also, you are familiar with it.

Five for me and still need two more. 

We had a wicked T-storm at 5:30.

Good luck to everyone.

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