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Hi everyone.

A busy day full of errands and Dr appointments, hurry up and wait part of the time.

The damp air is still with us, the only positive note for the day was spending it with my daughter.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B - 15 - *I - 26 - N - 35 - G - 57 - O - 62  

G - 49 - O - 63 -* I - 28 - B - 7 - N - 32 

B - 13 - *I - 16 - G - 52  

Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit.  

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My bingo card is in a s...l...o...w.. m...o   mode again today. Got 1 in the G column, and that's it.  From the responses so far, we may have the weekly Wednesday winner parade this week.  Prove me wrong somebody and yell BINGO this evening.

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Know what you mean @jen43 did that yesterday and today. Hope yours turned out ok.  Hospital pre-op testing for hubby. My retina doc visit and another shot scheduled and a cyst removal scheduled on my back from the skin guy. 😊

You did better that me @prisonnurse06 , we got .01 of an inch. But I still said my praises and thank yous. 😊 

Hope everyone is doing well and thinking good thoughts for those that aren't posting. Good luck for bingo everyone.

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You're a gem @Vexed 

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Thanks @miliannie . I think. 😊

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Gosh @Vexed your calendar is as busy as mine but with no social things. I will keep you and hubby in my prayers and hope all will be good.


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Thanks @SassiLady . I appreciate your prayers as you are in mine. But what is social things. 😊  I take it harder than him. He is working on me not to.😊

With the last few years of cancer and now the aortic aneurysm I am a basket case. I don't care about me. The poor baby never has gotten his hernia fixed, but the hernia is a blessing cause that is how we found the lung cancer. 

I am just thankful to be on this site with keeping my mind on other things and with all you caring people.


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Prayers coming your way 

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Thank you so much @lynnie39 . As you are in mine, whether I know of any problems or not.

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We haven't had any rain for two days now, I don't miss it. We had a lot of rumblings yesterday, nothing today, at least so far. I am no better off tonight than I was last night, my numbers just don't seem to want to join hands.

Good luck everyone.



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Good evening, it's starting to rain where I'm at some more numbers today looking pretty good. Good luck Bingo buddies 🤞

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Good evening everyone. It is raining in my part of Texas and I almost went out and did my happy dance in the rain. It has been 49 days since we had rain. 

I got a few more numbers but none are lining up so I will wait and see what happens tomorrow.

You all have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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