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Hi Everyone, A great day today, in the 80s, it was nice, and a low tonight of 66..yea !


Here are your #s for tonight>


G-47  O-68  B-5  I-22


O-74  G-54  I-26  B-13


I-30  O-63  G-59  B-10


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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My air conditioner is finally fixed. Those 6 days without it wasn't fun. I did have a window unit but it doesn't cool the whole house. Right now my house is 86, but feel cooler, so I thought the batteries on the thermostat was causing problem so I changed them, wait and see.
lady fox please stay dry and safe. Only one number for me.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Four more good numbers, and I'll be noisily happy!

Has everyone gotten both of the Shingrix shots? The second shot, to happen after at least 3 months of the first shot, can cause a huge reaction. Not deadly, just debilitating. My "big guy" is knocked down big time. after the 2nd shot on Wednesday morning. I feel so bad for him, but there's not a thing I can do except to leave him alone and watch him surreptitiously.
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Prayers for you and all others in the path of Barry. Stay safe ladyfox.


I am getting hot, have 2 stamps already and working on the other 2.


Good luck everyone.

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It's pretty hot here today but all that will be changing soon hurricane Barry is heading our way and lot of parishes in Louisiana supposed to be hit from it and where I live is included.  I got 5 numbers today and only need a couple more.

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Oh my ladyfox, I havent watched the news tonight, please be safe, is there a shelter you can go to in your area?

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Jen we doesn't really have a shelter here sometime they use the Community Center if necessary but there  are some in neighboring parishes I hope it doesn't come to me having to leave home. I've stocked up on nonperishable food in case we lose power and have lots of batteries and flashlights, thanks everyone for your concern.

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Oh please stay safe.

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