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Hi Everyone, Sorry about the delay, was charging my laptop, I know I try to be organized but hey I'm one of those people who forgets to charge her phone !

Here are the numbers for tonight >


G-57  G-52  O-61  O-75


N-33  N-38  I-29  I-17


B-10  B-6  O-62  I-30


Good Luck, Gonna let this thing finish charging so I will be able to use it later, Jen

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Hey Jen.  Thanks, but no thanks on O61 again today.  You called it yesterday, my fair lady.

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I guess I am the exact opposite as I leave my laptop plugged in all day and unplug it when I go to bed. I do forget my phone sometimes but keep a charger in my vehicle for when that happens.

I got one number tonight so am not all that close and will wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Good luck everyone.

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Jen I belong to the same club as you when it comes to phones and computers and charging them. Especially my computer, it is always sending me a message "It is about to shut down if I don't charge it." 

I got a few more numbers tonight. See you all tomorrow, stay safe and healthy.

Charonanne E Kading
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