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Hi Everyone, I find myself wishing for rain and a cool breeze..I guess it's hot all over, the town a few miles away got some rain this morning, but na da here!



I-29  O-65  G-56  B-2

N-43  B-9  I-25  N-40

O-69  N-32  G-60  I-18  and G-53

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

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4 numbers here need a few more 4 the frame wll see what tomorrow bring,hot here also I just turn the a/c on .Good luck everyone and stay cool and dry



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Hi all Holy Cow it is hot - they said rain this afternoon & it did cloud over but, no rain.  Only need 3 more for my frame. Try & stay cool.

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Ho-hum result on my bingo card today. How ho-hum is it, you'd ask? I still need 6 just-right hits, and I only have one more chance at getting them. Today is already Thursday. Ohh!

The weather is typical summertime heat. I wouldn't go sun-tanning , though. The old skin can't handle the sun rays like when I was a young mother.

As for body comfort, we keep our a/c at 75 degrees Fahrenheit for the indoor temperature. It's amazing how just a few degrees cooler without humidity can make a big difference. And when we step outside, it's not shockingly hot.
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Another same temperatures here in Lake Worth Texas, hot with more hot. I went to Richardson Tower which is part of our Harris Methodist Hospital. to determine if I am a diabetic, and as I said all along I am not, but if I do not get my weight down I could become one, so I am now on a diabetic diet and get more than when I was not. I still have to take my pre diabetic pill, but that is okay. I go back on the 25th of August to see how I am doing.
I was watching the weather report this morning and I always look to see how the weather is in Ilinois and several of us are in a high and around the high is rain and it is call the ring of fire. It was really weird to see all the rain surrounding this high in the middle of our country. So until we can get some cool weather either from Canada or the west coast we are stuck with this hot weather.
Well enough about my limit knowledge of the weather. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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You're not the only one wishing for some rain, I got 3 more numbers today and waiting

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Still needs alot of HELP  Good luck to all


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Gosh only 1 number tonight and still need 6 more.

Our high today was 93  with a feels like of 106. They should keep their feels like to themselves. It only serves to make me feel hotter.

Well I didn't tell the whole story yesterday as I am also allergic to dog epithelia (dander), so I fed the chickens this morning and collected the eggs and NO I am not getting rid of my dog. I seem to be allergic to the pollen from many, many weeds, grasses and trees. Today even with ragweed high I survived. Spent the remainder of the day inside except to grill a chicken breast for my salad. 

I made a list this morning and it adds up to 21 major and many minor things. Hey at 78 I made it this far so I think I can weather this storm okay.

Good luck everyone!


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