Honored Social Butterfly


Hi everyone.The rain has found it's way back,shows no sign of stopping.

Here are the numbers for tonight.

B-8 I-16 N-32 G-60 O-66

N-42 G-53 O-75 B-1 N-39

G-47 B-11 N-41

GOOD LUCK,I'll be back in a bit,Jen.


I had 4 numbers again tonight, but still 1 away from the Y.


We had another beautiful day in KY today. We got home about an hour and a half ago, 5:45pm CT, and had a fabulous time! I am still so blown away from all the amazing quilts. They are absolute artists. If anyone is on FaceBook, you can look me up under Lori McConkey Naczynski. I made the Quilt Album public. They will just blow your mind! These are just unbelievable. There were over 400 quilts entered and I only took pics of a fraction of them. Let me know if you go look at them and what you think! At the bottom of the quilts, there are pictures of their flood wall that they have covered in AMAZING murals!!! Oh, and then there is hubby and I that follow the wall pictures 😁

Honored Social Butterfly

Okay I got two numbers tonight, so I am halfway there.  Good luck everyone.

@ladyfox58 hang in there it isn't over yet.

Honored Social Butterfly

Oh Wow, missed today by 1 number I know someone else should be winning today good luck 🤞

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