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Hi everyone,no I didn't get lost,we had a power outage here 136 people without power,so glad it's back,funny how you take things for granted.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-4 I-24 N-37 G-46 O-61

I-19 N-39 G-48 B-10 O-70

N-41 B-6 I-27

Good Luck,I'll be back in a bit,Jen

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I catch more colds than I catch Bingo numbers lol 🤧  I have an earache tonight with my cold. Haven't had one of those since I was a kid! Stay warm everyone. I am grateful for heat ♥️



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Well I'm super late, bad weather and power outages I got 5 numbers today.

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Good evening everyone. Yesterday there was a hail, tornados and rain and my house survived. There were tornados close by but I just got the hail. It was raining so hard that the rain was going sideways. The rain was needed because of the wildfires and the drought. Texas still has a way to go to help with the drought, but the rain was a blessing.

I got a few numbers yesterday and tonight to help me get some where in the game. I have a funny feeling we may have a bonus game tomorrow. SassiLady glad to have you back here playing bingo with us. Also glad to hear your back is on the recovery side and that you are able to get around. 

You all take care and I will see everyone tomorrow. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I'm missing 2 numbers in a lot of places.  That's either very hopeful or very disappointing.  I'd rather be hopeful. 

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I have a wait, wooo wooo.  Not feeling too great, seems I pulled a muscle in my back and it protests every time I move. Ah well, you win some and you lose some.

Good luck everyone.


Yikes, my card is no better this week than it was the last 2 weeks lol

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