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TUES Jan5th Our Bingo Game Continues

Hi Everyone, Well the snow started melting last night. dropping on the roof, making a terrible noise, no Jen it's not Santa, that was  Christmas eve remember !

Finally got out of the house today, the fog had lifted and I was able to get some things I needed, like food !

Here are the numbers for tonight >

Happy Birthday prisonnurse06, Hope it was a great day.


N-44  I-16  B-2  G-57  O-72


B-10  G-60  N-40  I-25  O-69


I-30  N-31  G-46


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen.


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Wow using my phone, not friendly. No bingo, maybe my PC will be working later or I might be out of commission longer.

Good luck everyone.


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Thanks Jen, I did have a great birthday. Unfortunately my 16 year old grandson's friend's mother has Covid and my grandson got tested and this one came back negative but he needs another test before he is free of getting the virus.

My family came last night with mask on and safe distancing, and thank goodness for a farm table in my kitchen because we were able to sit far enough away to enjoy the cake. 

I got a few more numbers tonight, and they are scattered all over so I will have to wait longer for a win.

You all take care and stay safe and strong and healthy. 

Charonanne E Kading
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5 good numbers on any line would bring me a bingo.

Right.  But not today, Missy. You missed it, see Sweet Pea?

Honored Social Butterfly

Got few more numbers today and waiting in some spots..good luck to rest of you! Happy Birthday Prisonnurse06🎉🎂

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