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Hi Everyone, A very hot day, temps in the uper 80s..think they are talking 90s for tomorrow and the weekend...geez..

Ok, enough about this damnable weather, Here are your numbers for tonight>


B-3  B-7  N-36  N-41  G-60


I-30  I-17  G-47  G-53


O-70  O-65  B-1  B-5


Good Luck, I'll be back shortly, Jen

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Because the computer is acting up I will not be playing until further notice.

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I only got one number tonight. Just got home from the Saginaw Texas Library where I go for knitting every Thursday night. It is a great time and I really enjoy it.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Something happened last night that completely took all my time. Luckily, there was hardly any notable progress on my bingo card. "Sam sing" tonight.

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Of the 4 numbers I got only 1 matched the Mini Full House, good luck to the rest of you!

Honored Social Butterfly

Geez, the only two numbers on my card were were I don't need them. Oh well, there's tomorrow yet.

Good luck everyone.


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