Honored Social Butterfly

THURS Jan23rd Welcome to the Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, Well the nasty weather is here, rain nd snow this morning which quickly turned to frozen slush on the roads, had to put the truck in 4x4 mode to get out of my driveway..

We had three winners last night, convertiblegal, SassiLady and miliannie !

Our Bonus Game is the Outside Square, or frame>

outside-picture-frame.gif  Here are your numbers>


B-6  B-12  I-17  I-24


N-32  N-40  G-48  G-60


O-75  O-61  I-21  O-65


Good Luck, it's Chili for supper, be back soon, Jen

Honored Social Butterfly

Good luck prisonnurse, I hope all goes well and will keep you in my prayers.


I need three more numbers so won't be holding my breath. Good luck everyone.

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Esteemed Social Butterfly

Got some numbers and need a few more.

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Regular Social Butterfly

Hats off to Charonanne (aka prisonnurse) for keeping up the good fight and for having a bingo also last night.

As for my bingo card today, there won't be any outside square anytime soon, for all the called numbers want to be snugly fitting inside.
Regular Social Butterfly

I also had a bingo last night but didn't discover it until this morning. I have not been well, it is my heart, I have an irregular heart beat that is acting up so on Monday I will be going for a Loop implant and the doctor hopes this will correct it. It is a outpatient procedure so I will still be playing bingo next week.
I do have congested heart failure, and this isn't help any but I will overcome this little hiccup and get on with my life.
I got some good numbers tonight. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

Delayed congrats on your bingo, I hope all goes well with the surgery, I remember Denny had an amnormality in his heartbeat,they found it during his openheart surgery, it was taking too long between beats, they ended up putting in a pacemaker to regulate it. , hope the loop does the job, I'll be thinking of you, hugs and prayers, Jen

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