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THURS Jan 9th Welcome to the Bonus Game

Hi Everyone, We had several Winners last night, ladyfox58, SassiLady, Mary Riley, Michol and prisonnurse06 !


It has been a cold windy day here, expecting a lot of rain tomorrow and into the weekend, grocery shopping with my grandson and his wife tomorrow, if it's raining, he will be

On to the Bonus Game, we are playing>clover-leaf.gif 4 postage N's in this one..Here are the numbers>


B-2  B-13  I-21  I-30 B-11


G-46  G-55  O-69  O-72


G-48  G-60  O-75  G-57


Good Luck, I'll check back in a bit, Jen

Let's Play Bingo !!

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I seldom use postage stamps nowadays. That's why the called numbers don't stick on my card.

Tonight I feel the pain of "working" another 13 hours day. Three more days to go!
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Only 2 numbers for the postage stamps, a good thing there is one more day of bingo,

hmm it may not be enough as I still need 5 numbers.

Cool day today but going to be warmer tomorrow.


Good Luck everyone.



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Congratulations to the other winners from last night 🎉🎉 I got some numbers wait to see what tomorrow brings my way.

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congrads to all winners last night. no luck today for me
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