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Hi Everyone, Boy, lot's of BINGOS last night (6) !

ladyfox58,SassiLady;FAYESPLACE,prisonnurse06,miliannie, andPam G..TERRIFIC!

We go on to the Bonus Game, we are playing the 

Letter O > letter-O.gif HERE ARE THE NUMBERS

B-6  B-15  I-21  I-30  O-75

N-34  N-45  G-46  G-57  N-40

O-74  O-69  I-23

GOOD LUCK, I will check back later, Jen

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Good evening everyone. Six winners that is fantastic. I did quite well tonight. 

My stomach is telling me to put food in it, so I guess I better go eat, and then settle in my recliner and watch all my english shows on PBS tonight. 

Take care everyone. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I'm also a "fiver" for the O, like SassiLady.

That was a fun parade yesterday with the winners LadyFox, SassiLady, FayesPlace, prisonnurse, and Pam. 

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I don't expect anymore here as I think I need five. Good luck everyone.

Silver Conversationalist

Congratulations to ALL the winners!! I only have one side of my “O” so far. Good luck to everyone in the Bonus Game. ☘️

Honored Social Butterfly

Wow, Congratulations to the rest of yesterday winners 🎉 I sitting good only need 2 numbers for the letter O.... Good luck everyone 🤞

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