Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, A beautiful day here.

Please welcome our new player,vexed.-Janet.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-3  I-21  G-49  N-38  O-66

I-16  N-32  B-11  G-46  O-73

G-56  I-24  N-42

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back

Gold Conversationalist

Thanks for the warm welcomes all. I am hot and dry in Texas and will stay that way. So sorry for the ones getting the storm. Those that haven't recovered will have a trying time ahead.

I have a few numbers and for the most part they are practicing social distancing.

Regular Social Butterfly

Aloha Janet, to the "bingo addict"  group.   You won't stay vexed long, even when you miss a bingo by one lousy number. Why?  Because tomorrow brings hope.  Bingo players are always looking forward to the next called numbers.

Honored Social Butterfly

 Welcome to the group Janet, I got a few numbers today. We have thunderstorms heading our way again.

Social Butterfly

Welcome Janet!

We had a nice day - a little cooler with possible rain tomorrow. Have a 

good evening.



Silver Conversationalist

Welcome to the group Janet. I’m off to a slow start with just a few scattered hits. We’re looking at 70s and low 80s with some rain off and on this week.

Honored Social Butterfly

Welcome to our group Janet, hope you enjoy it.

We are still enjoying temps in the 80's and I hope it stays this way. I am close so will see what tomorrow brings.

Recognized Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone. Welcome Janet to our group we are glad to have you. I got quite a few numbers to start the week.

It looks like Fort Worth might get the fringe of TS Nickolas on Wednesday. I whether have the fringe of that storm. I feel sorry for the people in Louisiana because they haven't recovered from Ida. 

You have a great night. 

Charonanne E Kading
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