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Hi Everyone, It's time to Remember All Veterans who honered us with their service, God Bless them, everyone !

Well I think the whole state of Illinois is under a Winter Weather Advisary, We got snow , sleet, strong winds, and bitter temps, Not fit for man nor beast out there, our low will be 16 tonight,,,brrr


Here are some hot numbers to warm you up !


B-13  N-32  G-54  N-35  O-72


I-18  G-56  O-61  B-4  N-41


N-43  B-11  G-50


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen



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blessings abundantly to VETERANS AND FAMILY
Honored Social Butterfly

Wow, only 2 measly numbers tonight.Smiley Frustrated

Oh Jen and all in the north please stay warm and dry. I surely do remember how it was as I spent the first 75 years of my life in the north. We here in North Florida experienced a few days of sixties weather with high 40's to low 50's at night, but we hit 70 today and it looks as though we may have a few more balmy days. Well almost, 60 today, 80 tomorrow and then back to high 60's. I guess we are now going to have a roller coaster winter.

Good luck everyone.

Social Butterfly

OMG it is cold with the snow on the ground. 6 numbers for me tonight but,nothing is lining up so far. Stay warm

Honored Social Butterfly

Happy Veterans Day to all who have served and still serving, thanks for all you have done. I got a couple numbers today.

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