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Mon May 20th Welcome to Bingo Game 529

Honored Social Butterfly

Mon May 20th Welcome to Bingo Game 529

Hi Everyone, It was cool here today , only in the seventies.

Cold when I woke up this morning, went around closing windows, lol  !

Here are your numbers for tonight>


I-22  B-4  N-35  O-65  G-50


N-32  I-26  G-57  B-7  O-72


B-12  N-43  O-66


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

I hope today's energetic result will continue. It's not fun if it fizzles the second day onward.

Summer is anxious to get going in Hawaii. Kids are out of school so the sun is all smiley and bright (and hot). The weather lady promises some good weather for the skin during the next few days. (Humidity is the perfect natural moisturizer for thirsty old skins but doesn't like to pamper hair at all.)
Honored Social Butterfly

It was pretty warm here tried the air conditioner out, I got a couple numbers so far.

Trusted Social Butterfly

Muggy here today..up in the 80's then thunder/lightening/showers...Had to use the fans today...A few numbers here and there, nothing to "crow" about yet...
Honored Social Butterfly

Five numbers and all over the place, will have to wait until tomorrow and see what comes.

Good luck everyone.

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