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Mon March 29th Welcome To Bingo Game 626

Hi Everyone.Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

A nice sunny day here, hemming some summer dresses for my daughter, not too bad, pricked my finger twice, one down, two to go.

Here are the numbers for today .

B-13  N-35  I-16  G-48  O-63

N-37  I-20  B-12  O-72  G-55

O-68  B-1  G-46

Good Luck to All. I will check back soon, Jen

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Running late had a high school hockey game last night - What a difference a day makes yesterday 70 something yesterday this morning 30 something with snow - holy cow crazy Spring.

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A dress, what's that? Hmm, I may have a skirt in my closet but anything else went out with retirement, these days it is pure comfort or I don't want any.

I got 4 numbers but nothing to rave about as the only two that are together need 3 more to make a bingo. Waiting for tomorrow.

We had a so-so day today, some sun, mostly clouds and a high of only 70, I haven't looked to see what tomorrow has in store.

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If anyone is interested in printing for their own board. I'm a very visual kind of person 🙂

Easter Bingo Template.jpg

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Glad to hear about the sunshine. I woke up to a thin layer of snow but tomorrow is forecasted to be 70 degrees. I only have one number on my board. Good thing It’s only Monday!

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Dresses?  I haven't put one on since Covid shut down in March 2020.  No place to go with a dress.  Shorts have been my daily garb and I have the tanned line to prove it.

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☀️  Happy Monday!  I can't wait to wear sun dresses. Bring on the sunshine!! ☀️



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It's getting that time of year for sun dresses, I've worn a couple of mines already. I got a couple of numbers today.

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