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Mon March 16th Welcome To Bingo Game 572

Hi Everyone, Boy, I think the world has gone crazy, Our gov. has closed all the schools, and a lg number of state facilities, resturants, bars, anyplace where large number of people gather, grocery shelves are empty in some stores, and I being one of the more suceptable because of my age have been told to hunker down at home..knowing I'm not alone in this doesn't help..the virus is a serious thing, I understand that, what I don't understand is the panic and bulk buying thats going on....crazy..

Ok off my soap bucket, Ours is not the only state effected..


Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-7  N-39  I-28  G-50  O-61


N-34  G-53  B-4  I-20  O-65


O-63  B-12  N-44


Good Luck, I'll check back soon., Jen

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I need to apologize for forgetting to come to bingo last night.

Yes totally nuts. I went to Walmart Saturday, needed tissues and a couple of other things. I already knew they were out of toilet paper and water cause my dil couldn't get any on Friday. Well I took two of the three three-packs of Puff tissues that were on the shelf. They were also out of flushable wipes. I go through a lot of tissues with my allergies and lousy sinuses.  My dil went again yesterday morning to get some meat and frozen stuff and they must have gotten in more water because a guy had six cases in his shopping cart. NOW that is being greedy. We hoped he was buying for some needy elderly neighbors. We now have 7 cases in our county here in Fl. I am staying in as much as possible. 

Yes I wash my hands frequently, always have, and I was told to sing Happy Birthday to myself twice when washing my hands.

Enough of the mania, I got 4 numbers but they need a lot of help.

Good luck everyone.


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I got 5 numbers yesterday, it's the same here I don't understand this buying up all the toilet paper, milk, and all the cases of water you can't find any in this town.

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Jen I got my number thanks. As to our current panic situation gripping this world, especially this country is ridiculous.
My family has already told me to stay home, and they will go and get what ever I need. The craziness in the stores is same where you all are, and what fascinate me is the toilet paper, I mean if they don't buy food, they will have no use for the toilet paper, as they will be no longer living, and won't have a waste product problem.
What also gets me is we have to remind people to wash their hands, they should have already be doing that, but since I am a nurse I guess it is just a habit that I wash my hands a lot.
I got a few numbers tonight but nothing that will help. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Only three numbers came to visit my bingo card. I don't have any mask on. More numbers should come by tomorrow. My doors are wide open.

Our nation is loosing its sanity. I get deluged with info on Covid-19. It's amazing that we don't have more psychosomatic individuals. with all the details on symptoms to watch for. Maybe we do, but the news are not playing that number up YET.

Let's wash our hands as we count to 20. I've seen too many people going through the motion of soaping and rinsing in less than 6 counts. Soaping for 20 counts is a very good and easy rule to remember.
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Oh it's the same here - went to the store this morning - no milk,bread,eggs & of course no paper products - just craziness. Stay well everyone 

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