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Hi Everyone, Hope your weekend was a good one, the weather here has been nothing but rain storms, three nights in a row, and me thinks we have more coming.

Here are the numbers for tonight >


B-5  N-35  I-17  G-52  O-69

G-50  I-27  B-9  N-42  O-64

B-11  N-40  O-70  

GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Good evening everyone. My day started out sunny and around 3 p.m. I got what we call a pop-up shower, I don't have to water my grass tonight. 

I had to go to the doctor this morning for a right ear infection. I woke up during the night with my neck hurting and a headache on my right side behind the ear. I am now on antibiotics. 

I am waiting for my Schwan's man to arrive with this months order, and I think our rain we had may have slowed him up. 

I got a few numbers to get started. See you all tomorrow take care stay safe and healthy and strong. 

Charonanne E Kading
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I have two numbers holding hands on a line that needs five and the other two are totally useless at this point in time. I had a great weekend, my daughter is here and it's great to see her (It’s been two years). She is getting back in the swing of working but only one or two nights a week for now. Today we  went to St. Augustine just to have lunch, we being myself, daughter, dil and granddaughter. Hey it was girls day out. The Sunset Grille makes the best NE Clam Chowder and I had a cup of that and and two appetizers, coconut shrimp and fish bites,yummy. We also brought home three bowls of clam chowder for lunch one day. The others had burgers and could only eat half so took the rest home in doggy bags. I remember the last time I had one of their burgers and couldn't eat any supper that night. Good luck everyone.

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Hey SassiLady.  Seattle water front is famous for many seafood, one of which is Ivar's clam chowder.  Costco carries it now and then (in the coolers).  We would eat one tub and freeze the other for another date.  Accompanied by some good French Baguette,  it makes a tasty and satisfying  lunch, sans a plane ride across the pond.

Honored Social Butterfly

Good evening everyone, been a hot day here but yesterday we had a downpour. Got some numbers and some are lining up together. Good luck 🍀

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