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Honored Social Butterfly


Hi Everyone, Just had one of those mid summer storms roll through, had some high winds and rain, it's calmed down now, but our storm warnings are till ten tonight..

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-7  N-34  G-47  I-17  O-67


G-54  I-22  B-11  N-39  O-61

for those who checked in early. I had to edit my numbers, I had G-44 and it should have been G-54, all good now.


N-42  B-5  G-52


Good Luck, Gonna heat up some egg rolls for supper, will check back soon, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

4 good ones to start the week.

Ugh! Our daily Covid 19 positive count has been up. My favorite beach park , where I do my daily power walking, to replace the daily 2.5 hrs line dancing of pre-Covid days, got shut down again until September 5. Since Memorial Day, we have been seeing daily double digit counts. The Mayor of Honolulu ordered a 14 days quarantine for all visitors, returning residents and military personnel arriving in the island. Since most of the positive cases are on Oahu, the neighbor islands put a 14 days quarantine on us if we go there.
Here's a plea to all tourists: please stay away from us until your place of residency has Covid under control. When you come and take refuge in Hawaii you've packed the Covid with you and brought it to our shores, infecting us islanders. We had it under control the first go round when it was just us from March til May. Stay away from us. Your visit is most infectious, for the wrong reason. And we also know that you have been disobeying the local laws about quarantining yourselves. How do we know? You behave and dress differently. Our law enforcement capability is stretched thin by you. We don't aloha your behavior.
Honored Social Butterfly

Wow Jen, we are having one of those storms right now. My dog has been trying to climb in my lap and under my desk and chair, where ever I will let him. LOL!

I got 1 number tonight so I hope tomorrow is a better day.

Good luck everyone.

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