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Honored Social Butterfly

Mon April8th Welcome to Bingo Game # 523

Hi Everyone, A beautiful day here, lost track of

Here are the numbers for tonight>


!-27  B-5  G-46  N-38  O-64


B-13  N-40  I-16  G-55  O-72


G-52  B-7  O-66


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

Regular Social Butterfly

Slow start for me today, including my bingo card. Usually, I'm a hard charger. My old man said that it's good to slow down a little now and then. What's a little for him is a lot for me.
Recognized Social Butterfly

I t has been hot today. The morning started out cool but as the days went on it got hotter. Typically Texas weather.
Sometime during the night my female feral cat had her babies. It looks like there are 5 gray and white. She had them in the kitty hotel that my grandson Cooper made for my feral kitties. I have been checking on her periodically and she seems okay. I have made sure that there is plenty of food and water outside the kitty hotel.
Today I brought donuts that my grandson made for my final coloring class at the local college. Our Fall Semester starts on Sept. 9th. My grandson has a small donut business and for his birthday he brought his trademark. FYI he is 15 years old. The donuts were delicious. Since he is only 15 his mother had to put her name on the paper as well as Cooper.
I got just 3 numbers today. See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
Honored Social Butterfly

We have had a rainy day today, I got 4 numbers so far

Recognized Social Butterfly

Very very raw out today...We started out with a lot of rain showers and finally it stopped but then came the raw damp cold weather..Tomorrow is more of the same..yuk! I got (4) numbers so it's a start anyway....I made that Cheeseburger Impossible pie..using Bisquick and magically it makes its own crust...We had it with sliced beets, and peas...
Honored Social Butterfly

Seven numbers and not even close, LOL!

Good luck everyone.

Nice day today in the 80's then got some rain around 4 and again at 5:30. Hope it finished for the night.

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