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Mon April 6th Welcome to Bingo Game 575

Hi Everyone, Another nice day here, in the 60's, feels great ! hope you all had a good weekend.

Here are the numbers for tonight>


B-3  N-34  I-21  G-51  O-66


N-42  I-27  B-9  O-61  G-48


I-26  B-13  O-71


Good Luck, I'll be back in a bit, Jen

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4 called numbers had the velcro, and stuck right onto my card. The rest went onto the called numbers board.
Our small state is now a full pledge member of the pandemic. We've had a few dead and about 200 +/- infected.
It appears that the world outside our walls is divided up into two camps : the “infected” and the “carrier/infecter”. Now we mask up when we go out. The mask does not provide safety for us. It is to protect other people from our saliva vapor and spray when we speak, cough or sneeze. Since we're still healthy individuals, we need to think that social distancing is to protect the weaker and more vulnerable in our community, as if we are the “carriers” of this COVID-19.

Social Butterfly

Beautiful day today 73 degrees - pansies are out. Lots of possibilities on my card. Have a good evening 

Honored Social Butterfly

Off to a pretty good start as I am halfway there. I guess that makes me one of those people that say the glass is half full.

I hate to go out but have no choice so tomorrow I will venture to the drug store and also to the grocery store. I will make one of those masks and wear it. I hope every little bit helps. I will also keep my distance from others. Wish me luck everyone.

I am also going to try and order dog food for delivery tonight and hope it works as I tried the other day and it was a bust.

Good luck everyone. 

Honored Social Butterfly

Weekend was very nice today were a little cool and talking about rain tomorrow. Got 3 numbers so far.

Recognized Social Butterfly

It was warmer than yesterday. My weekend was bitterly cold, but as usual in Texas that can changed and apparently tomorrow, and next it will be in the 80's. Our church service had problems yesterday it seems everyone started at the same time and blew up the internet. So our church put it on You Tube to be shown after everyone's had their service.
It seems weird to be sitting here in my office knowing Easter is next weekend and I will be spending it by myself, as we can't get together. I just tell myself it doesn't really matter where as long as we are healthy and remembering what Easter is all about.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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