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Mon April 19th WELCOME TO BINGO GAME 629

Hi Everyone, Had a nice weekend, but, and this is crazy but the weather is calling for a surprise snow storm for tomorrow and tomorrow night...

Here are the numbers for tonight >


N-33  B-6  I-19  G-52  O-68


B-10  I-26  G-48  N-43  O-73


N-40  B-3  O-70


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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I thought of all of you in the area where the snow storm is heading, makes you wonder 'where is the global warming'. Though I can remember snow in May when I was very young and needing a winter coat to watch the Memorial Day Parade.

On a cheerier note I got got six hits tonight but still need a couple more to make a bingo. Good luck everyone.

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Only a couple hits tonight. Stormy and windy in our town too. Stay safe & warm everyone! 

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Good evening everyone. It was cold this morning in Fort Worth but on Wednesday it will be down in the low 30's. I guess we are getting some of the cold weather that is coming your way Jen. No snow just frost. I feel sorry for the folks that have planted here, because I think they may loose some of them. I don't plant until after Mothers Day, it must be the Canadian in me. 

I got half of the numbers tonight but not in a particular order.

You stay safe and healthy and warm. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Stay safe during your snow storm, my numbers are playing hop scotch all around the board.

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Great beginning!  Every column has a number daubed.  Thank you Jen.


Snow storm!!!  Brrr.  My front door was blocked with snow to the roof after 48 hours of non-stop fluff pouring down from the sky when I lived on the mainland (48 contiguous states / continental US) many years ago.  The snow plow service could not come until the following week.  Our neighbor came to the rescue and helped us shovel enough to allow our car to get out of the garage the next day.  I still remember it like it was last month.


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I got a few numbers on the board tonight. @jen43 it was in the 60s today and Wednesday they are calling for 30s and snow here. Stay warm!

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