Honored Social Butterfly

Mon April 10th WELCOME TO BINGO GAME # 430

Hi Everyone, Hope you all enjoyed the weekend, expecting thunderstorms for this area till 10pm, I hate evening storms don't you?

Here are your #s for tonight>


B-2  N-33  G-53  I-19  O-66


G-47  B-5  N-42  O-71  I-23


B-12  I-28  N-36


Good Luck, I'll check back later, Jen

Silver Conversationalist

4 numbers all over Rainy here all day  Good luck to all


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Social Butterfly

I have 5 erratic numbers tonight, but not a bingo, because there's no O .
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Social Butterfly

Don't think I have a very friendly card this week - only got 1 number tonight. We have had nice weather today - cool wind.  Have a good evening.

Bronze Conversationalist

OMG - Folks, had the greatest weather ever. . . .80+ degrees and no humidity.  Who could ask for anything more?  Loved this Monday.  Wishing everyone lots of numbers and  d d d  maybe a win.  Have a great evening.

Bronze Conversationalist

3 numbers today none line up ha!ha!. the weather here is the same as yours Jen tunderstorms even toinght and yes they can get scary.

Regular Social Butterfly

Jen I agree I don't like evening thunderstorms, because if there is a tornado hidden in a rain cloud you can't see it.
We are expecting thunderstorms tonight, as well. I got 4 numbers, no pattern as of yet.
See you all tomorrow.
Charonanne E Kading
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Honored Social Butterfly

Okay it's inching it's way to summer.....yesterday 77 today 79 and they are saying 82 tomorrow. After the cool 40's for a few nights 57 should feel warm tonight.  

The Bingo fairy gave me 4 numbers but they aren't very friendly with each other, sigh.

Good luck everyone and see you tomorrow.

Esteemed Social Butterfly

Jen , my weather is similar to yours for tonight hope it doesn't get bad.. I got 6 numbers today

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Social Butterfly

I got 4 numbers scattered on the card...I'm happy that I got so many. I worked out in the yard picking up rocks, debris that had blown from the road and raked the flower beds. We still have more to do..I'm bushed from this exercise...Hopefully tomorrow I will have the energy to finish some more of the flower garden...
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