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Hi everyone.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

Here are the numbers for tonight>

B-7 I-24 N-35 G-46 O-70

G-53 N-32 I-19 B-5 O-65

N-41 B-8 G-55

Good Luck,I'll be back in a bit.Jen


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Hi Jen, I'm back.  Please tell me what card number I should use this week.  Thank you.

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Miliannie Your Card # is 144- it is posted right under "Card #s For Bingo Game 683"

You must have missed it when you looked at your card numbers.Jen

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Hello everyone. I have 5 numbers this evening and need one more to bingo!


Hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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Good evening everyone 🙋 I got 4 numbers so far.

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Got 4 numbers. Hope you can get lined up with them soon. @SassiLady 

We had a waterline break in the middle of the street. Closer to the across the street neighbors. Big hole and lots of red clay everywhere. Worse part is the backhoe they used tore up more of the street than the hole they dug to fix the pipe and there seems to be a lot more wash out under the street than they will probably fix. Oh well, could be worse.. 

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@Vexed  our street looks like a war zone. It has been this way for years. They keep putting macadam in the holes and tamping it down, then after a couple of rains we get rocks and dirt all over to contend with, and bigger holes.

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That is sad to hear that they can't do any better for their repairs @SassiLady . Does it harm everyone's cars too? 

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Good evening everyone. Most of my weekend was spent watching NASCAR. I got a few numbers tonight to get me started. 

You all have a great weekend.

Charonanne E Kading
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Nice weather again today, sunny with no rain. I got six numbers but they don't line up very well. Went to the orthopedic doctor today, but the issue isn't in the hip so I don't know where to say it is, anyway he says it's bursitis and is coming from my back. Will try a couple of sessions of therapy, but scheduled for a shot anyway. So if one doesn't fix it the other hopefully will. Now I have to wait for them to call me for a therapy appt. and I have to make another appt. with one of the doctors there that does the spine. I cannot believe how many doctors it takes these days just for our joints and bones, mindboggling.

Good luck everyone.

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