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Fri June 11th Cover ALL FINISH

HI everyone, Boy it's hot here, Hot, Hot !

AC feels good, hope you all are staying COOL !

Here are the last set of numbers>


B-7  B-12  I-18  I-25


G-50  N-34  N-42  G-56


O-67  O-72  I-23  N-40


GOOD LUCK, Just a heads up, my cataract surgery is scheduled for Mon, so don't know about bingo, if I'm not here it's because of that, Thanks, Jen

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@jen43 Good luck tomorrow!

@miliannieOur daughter just landed in Kona for a week on The Big Island!


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I was hoping that Jen's edited called numbers would have been O74, the  one missing number on my card for the cover all.  Greedy me!!!


Please sign me up for the next game.  Tuesday or Wednesday, whenever you can see enough to post numbers. 


My guy just had his 2nd cataract surgery two weeks ago, so he's full of advice.  He said: " Although cataract surgery is an office procedure, do be careful about the intake of food and drink prior to it.  In fact, stay away from food or drink at least 12 hours prior so that you don't get sick and upchuck when you come out of anesthesia."

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Hi Ladies, edited the post, got rid of the O-70 , it was a repeat, replaced with O-67; Sorry bout that, Jen

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had both eyes done came out fine, plus corrected  lens in them both its amazing how we take things for granted . you will be just fine, rest up and we all got you with our prayers.

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@jen43 Good luck Monday. Resume Bingo when you are ready. I’m three shy of a Cover All. I’d like to play next game. Stay cool everyone!

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So sorry Jen, would you please call another "O" ?   O70 started our week on Monday.  Thank you. 

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No, I'm sorry,How about O-67, I think that', I will edit my post, you all have to check your cards again...oh dear.

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Jen I agree with everybody else forget Monday. I had cataract surgery two years ago and my vision was great, and the colors were out of this world. We can start Tuesday.  

I lost by 4 numbers, but can't complain because I did win the regular bingo.

Please sign me up for the next game on Tuesday. You all have a great weekend and stay safe and healthy and strong. 

Charonanne E Kading
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Sending healing thoughts your way @jen43 for a successful Monday surgery and speedy recovery! Lots of hugs coming your way, Angela

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Jen I think you should just plan on taking the day off, I'm sure no one would mind.

Been there, done that but can't remember how I was after I went home. LOL!

I missed by two numbers, still need a B and an I. Hope someone gets it. Everyone have a nice weekend, maybe with more temperate temps. It was way, way hot here today also.

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Jen don't worry about Bingo Monday we understand just sit back and relax after your surgery. I'm left needing 6 numbers for the Cover All sign me up for next week and take your time about coming back don't rush.

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Jen, hope your surgery goes well, take care!

Have a nice weekend every one!


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