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Hi Everyone, Our morning temp was a negative 2 degrees..yeah , not good, supposed to get in the thirty's tomorrow..crazy !

Here are your last set of numbers>


B-15  N-40  I- 17  G-56  O-62


O-75  B-10  B-5  I-24  I-29


N-41  G-48  O-64


Good Luck, I'll check back soon, Jen

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Happy valentine everyone. I didn't win this week. That doesn't stop me from asking Jen to sign me up for the next game. Why? Because I like to play bingo with this crowd. See you all next week.

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Jen I lost by one. It was cold in Fort Worth 25 this morning, but you have me beat. Happy Valentine Day everyone.
Please sign me up for the next game. See you all on Monday. Congrats to whoever wins this game.
Charonanne E Kading
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Jen:  I now know how those VERY low temps feel.  We're experiencing single digits.  Way too cold for me. 


I want to wish all my Bingo Buddies a Very Happy Valentine's Day.


No Bingo for me this week.  Down to 2 (you were teasing me).  No complaints because I'm going ot "ROCK IT"  next week.  Please sign me up for game 568.  Stay warm and enjoy your weekend.  Good Luck to All.  Heart

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Oh Jen I remember mornings like that, brrrrrrr. I think when I lived in Plymouth NY the coldest one I remember that made me want to jump back in bed was 10 below. So I sympathize with you. I would never make any early morning appointments in the winter always waited until at leas 11 am. It would either be warmer then or if we had an overnite storm the road would be ploughed by then.

On to bingo...I hope someone wins this as I am left needing four numbers.

Good luck everyone.

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I needed 1 more number, Congratulations to whoever wins this one 🎉 sign me up for the next game Jen, have a great weekend everyone!

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