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Hi everyone.

A nice day today, no rain, just sunshine.

Here are the last numbers for this game>

B - 11 - I - 17 -* I - 29 - N - 38 - N - 35 

G - 60 - G - 53 - O - 74 - O - 62 

I - 19 - *I - 27 - G - 51 - G - 58 

O - 73 - N - 45 - N - 43

GOOD LUCK, back in a bit Jen  



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❄️Hope everyone is doing well. It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas ! ❄️

@jen43 @Vexed @SassiLady @TheSuzyQ @FAYESPLACE @ladyfox58

@prisonnurse06 @convertiblegal @FAYESPLACE @ladyfox58 @prisonnurse06 @convertiblegal

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I am interested! I have been quiet the last little bit, been in much pain with my hip. Looks like I am headed for a total hip replacement soon. I would love a nice distraction with you lovely ladies. 🌹 @OneStepAtATime @jen43 @miliannie @SassiLady @Vexed Oooh I love prizes too. I have gift cards to donate to the cause 😀

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If you have the want, time and energy to re-start Bingo I will be a faithful player until whenever the One Above advises me otherwise. 

It will be good to (digitally) visit with some of the old gang, such as but not limited to @Vexed @SassiLady @TheSuzyQ @FAYESPLACE @ladyfox58 

 @prisonnurse06 @convertiblegal @jen43

I miss you all. And Bingo too!  Have a blessed Christmas and a safe New Year

I miss you all



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Well Nicole, your "solicitation" did come in during a busy holiday season. 

You are right about dedicated Jen who labored for many years issuing at least 20 individual bingo cards every week, then manually posting bingo numbers every day.  Although we appreciated her efforts very much, no praise could lighten her burden.

With technology so much more advanced now than ten years ago, I am surprised that AARP hasn't come up with some kind of computer generated Bingo game that we can play in a group forum format.  So much camaraderie will be generated!

Anyone who has contact with AARP organizers please to tell them this: 

As we step into retirement, many seniors become isolated with each passing year. Through a safe forum sponsored by AARP, we can re-connect with others, if only remotely and digitally. A simple daily game of Bingo that provides a needed link and a common thread can do wonders to the socially distanced ones who are too afraid of Facebook/Meta, Twitter, and other online public platforms. 


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You found the answer to your question above.

As for AARP involvement, it was known to AARP for some times that Jen would leave the demanding position. Even volunteers do retire.

Looking forward, there's a need now.

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@OneStepAtATimeI forgot to insert your pseudo in my just posted message. 

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Hi everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I miss y'all.  @jen43  hope you are getting stronger.

We should all still keep in touch in this topic.


I sent a suggestion to AARPTeri to possibly get the Arkadium Bingo game for their game section. That way Jen might like to play Bingo instead of doing it for us.  🐱 Those that wanted to join our bingo games, but didn't want to do the private message thing might play.  And many others might like a new game to play. Nothing may come of it though.


And we could still post in this topic threads to keep up with each other and what we do in the game.

It was just a thought.

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This sounds like a good idea Vexed. If Jen doesn't feel up to doing the usual Bingo game. I am praying that 'no news is good news', but also remembering what she said about no more bingo if she doesn't return the beginning of October. 😪

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I love this idea!! Hope everyone is doing well. I have been worried for those in the wake of hurricane Ian. Hope you all are safe xoxo



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Aloooha Jen. How are you doing? I hope you'll get on this pulpit again and let us hear from you.

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Hi everyone, hope you are all doing good. I miss all of you.

@jen43I hope you are resting Jen and doing okay,hugs Bert.

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Hello everyone!


I hope all is well with everybody. @jen43 I hope you are getting the rest you need.


Just checking in 😘



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I miss you all so much..

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Hi @TheSuzyQ . Thanks for checking in. Hope @jen43 and everyone is/are doing as best as they can. Miss everyone.

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congrads all winners   have safe blessed weekend holiday   all

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Congratulations to Vexed, WTG!!!

I also have a bingo on card # 65

  B   I    N   G    O

      19   42  49 

  2                     74

  9                     63

  4                      67

       24  36  51

Good luck everyone and have a great weekend.



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Golly gosh!  What am I going to do while Jen is taking a "sick leave"?

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Another perfect O from SassiLady.  Congratulations. (I'd be sassy too if I'd gotten this bingo!)

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Congrats on your bingo @SassiLady . Thanks.

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You did it @Vexed .  O my, what a beautiful bingo.


I end the week with a cliff hanger.  Yep, one gigantic G is missing in action.

Please sign me up for the next game.  Gratefully yours.

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Thanks @miliannie 

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Congrats to @Vexed 🎉 I missed by 1 number, sign me up for the next game and if there are any other winners Congrats to you also 🎉

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Thanks @ladyfox58 

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Good evening everyone. Right now it is sunny but most of the day it was raining. 

Jen I lost by one my B7 wasn't a lucky 7. Please sign me up for the next game.

Congrats to @Vexed for the win, and any other winners.

You all have a great Labor Day Weekend. See you all on Monday and enjoy your weekend.


Charonanne E Kading
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Thanks @prisonnurse06 

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