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Hi Everyone, I had a lazy day, spent some time reading a good book, it was nice.

Here are the last set of numbers for the Bonus game >


B-3  B-14  I-20  I-23  G-55


N-32  N-37  G-58  G-50  O-62


O-74  O-67  I-18   G-48  O-64


GOOD LUCK, I'll check back soon, Jen

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I'm super late but my grandson had a basketball game which was their first playoff game and they won🎉 Congratulations to the winners 🎉🎊 I missed by 1 number for the letter E which also would have covered by card, sign me up for the next game. Enjoy your weekend!

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Congrats to the winners, I have a bingo on card #146 also,B- 1,2,6,8,15, I-19,28,29,  N-32,37, G-46,60, O-62,63, thanks and have a blessed weekend 

Mary Riley
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Sorry I missed this last night, logged out right before you posted.



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Thank you for the new card, Jen. Hopefully it’s a good one. It’s raining here today with this week’s forecast to include more rain, snow and even some sun! Good luck Bingo Friends! Have a nice week.


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Congratulations to miliannie on her big win. WTG!!!!!!!

I still need a B and an I. It was fun though. See you all Monday and enjoy the weekend.

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EEEK! E Bingo on Card 140:

B1 - I16 - N31 - G46 - O61


B10 - I19 -Free


B3 - I18 - N42 - G59 - O69


It's good to end the week on the up note. because the Market veered South yesterday and today.

Please sign me up for the next game.  Have a peaceful and beautiful week end, y'all.

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This is a Good Bingo miliannie, GOOD JOB !

congrats.jpg  YOU ARE THE 1st WINNER !

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BTW,  40 people viewed Jen's post, but only 3 posted a reply.  That's only 7.5%, leaving 92.5% in the silent camp.  I want to have a serious chat with the person who first said "Silence is golden!".


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I know, Whenever this happens I aways wonder if they are ok, or something came up, I know some work the late shift and don't check in till much later, Do you remember michol ?  She just quit playing, I tried several times to get in touch, kept sending her the bingo card numbers, nothing, I still wonder  if she's ok...Anyway, maybe we will have more post's later, Have a good weekend,Jen

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Good evening everyone. What can I say about Texas weather, it was cold again, not like last week, and cloudy, but bless the sun it decided to come out just as it was starting to set. Tomorrow it is rain again.

Jen I got really excited and thought I had another win, but then I looked in the B column and there was a blank number. Oh well I did win the regular one.

LindaB485789 it sounds like a lovely place where your mother was buried. Just know that now she will be taking another adventure, and waiting for her family and she will have plenty to say about her new journey. I know God is with her and guiding her on this new journey. 

Please sign me up for the next game. You all have a great weekend and stay safe, and healthy and warm, or cool, if you are in place that is warmer than 50.

Charonanne E Kading
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On this warm (for us) sunny 40 degree day we buried my mom in a little cemetery overlooking the lake where our family cottage is nestled. I actually gave the eulogy. It was a beautiful day, surrounded by family.

I didn’t make BINGO. Congratulations to those who did! I’d like to play next week @jen43 .

Thank you all for your warm wishes this week. It means a lot, coming from my BINGO Family!

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Got down to B 11.

Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a super weekend every one!



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