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Bingo _Wed 2/2

Good morning ladies 🌻


No Bingo last night for me, only 3 numbers. Congrats to the winners 🎉🎈

Days in Miami continue to be sunny🌞  with temp at 78 this beautiful morning. Perfect for me to work and give some tlc to my backyard garden 😊Miami

I tried to attach a photo to message but didn’t work. Does anyone know how to upload and attach photos to messages? 🤔

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@MistyMe33 , when you are in your editor typing your message, on the toolbar next to the smiley face is a camera icon. Click that and it will let you load a pic from your computer or saved files in your photo albums in your profile stuff.


You are making it very hard for us that are in single digits and snow. 😊

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Hi Vexed,


I did try posting photo that way but it didn’t work for me. Photo never uploaded. However, I am able to upload through “About” page. Thank you! 😊


Sorry about that ☺️  just trying to share a little bit of how weather is here. 

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@MistyMe33 , Not sure what you mean by "About Page". If it is the photos in your profile where it says MistyMe33's Photos, then that is good to upload into your posts. Sometimes a photo can go into your albums but not upload to posts if it is a very large file or very large in width where it wouldn't fit in the width that is allowed in the forum area. You can't do fancy editing of images here, but there is a method to reduce the size of a large image.


When you are in the edit box and you click on the little camera icon, at the top of the box for uploading that comes up, look at the top right and there is "Saved Photos". When you click that, it will bring up your images in your albums from your profile. Pick the album, then the photo, click next and it will bring up a box with the image you chose and to the right side there is a drop down box that says size. In the drop down box are small, medium and large. Choose one of those and click done and see if your image will load into your post. 


I am attaching an image I made of one of the photos in my album next to the size box.





Hope that helps.

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