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Hi Everyone , My neighbor cleared my driveway for me Bless his heart,he has a plow attachment on his lawn tractor. I tried to deal with the snow on the deck/porch.

I didn't do much,although the top layer was soft, the bottom was frozen and heavy.

Here are the last set of numbers for this Game.

G-57 G-48 B-12 B-4 O-64

N-34 N-36 I-26 I-17 N-41

O-69 O-71 I-20 G-55

GOOD LUCK, I'll be back in a bit,Jen.

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Gosh no winner unless someone pops in later than me tonight. I needed a B but Jen didn't find the right one. I did win at St. Catherine's, again. I can't believe this, it is four times now. I don't know where all the people came from, most of the tables had six and eight at them, and they had to put out three more tables.

Everyone have a great weekend and stay safe.

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P.S. Please include me in the next Bingo. I do enjoy!

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Quite a few numbers, but no Bingo for me.


Have a great weekend everyone! I have adult children on business trips all over the US tonight from the East coast to the West coast. I pray their flights are not canceled. Over 5,000 flights canceled yesterday. I need them to come home to their families. Stay safe and warm everybody.



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Praying for their safety @TheSuzyQ .

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Thank you @Vexed

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No bingo for me....I too still needed 2 numbers for the E but 4 for a full card.


Stay save everyone! I am staying in and watching the Olympics and working on my quilting 😉

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Still not a winner, got 4 numbers tonight. Hope y’all are staying warm & safe 😊🌻

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I did get some numbers today but not what I needed, sign me up for the next game. If there is a winner tonight Congratulations to you 🎉

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Needed B-9 and O-67 for a coverall and an "E". I'm with @LindaB671 , @jen43 , sign me up always until I say stop. Cause sometimes I forget to say sign me up for the next week and have to go back and edit.

I almost got my car out of the shop today. I went to pick it up ( roads half cleared from snow after being 2 degrees last night it got up to 28 and sunny - driveway had some drifts though) and it still had the problem they were supposed to fix the last time before this new problem that got fixed. (I am thinking they made the new problem cause I had just got it home from the last time and it broke with the new problem and still the old that didn't get fixed right.) Don't blame you if you can't follow that mess.


Hope everyone has a good weekend and are recovering or trudging through the weather without any major problems.

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Don't worry if we couldn't follow the mess, we have all weekend to figure it out. I sure hope it soon gets fixed right.

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Good evening everyone. It was cold in Lake Worth Texas today but the sun came out and melted most of the snow but, unfortunately not all the ice that was under the snow. I was able to get to my mailbox this afternoon by walking down the sides of the driveway, as there was black ice in the center. It reached a high of 21.

I almost got a win. I needed G59 and O73 and I would have had a win and cover all, but can't complain because I did win the regular bingo.

Please sign me up for the next game and see you all on Monday. Have a great and safe weekend everyone. 

Jen glad you were able to get your driveway cleared. 


Charonanne E Kading
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Please sign me up for the next game.

Have a great weekend every one!


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No Bonus Bingo here. @jen43 I’d like to keep playing until further notice. Thank you. Have a nice weekend everyone!

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