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Would You Rather #4

Would you rather have all the traffic lights you approach be green, or never have to stand in a line again?


Had to really think about this one.  I would rather not stand in a line ever again.  Imagine Disneyland, or Costco, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.


How would you answer the question, and why?

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I am the guy who always just misses the green light and ends up waiting in the front of the line of traffic, which really gets me mad when it's because someone ahead of me is playing with their phone or not paying attention and doesn't go when it's green and holds everyone else up (one of my pet peeves). However, to never stand and wait in a line again- priceless!

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@postman29  It would be awesome to even have no line waits for a few weeks, but permanently, yep, all the time and aggravation gone.


I have more patience for traffic lights than lines. Any time I see people lined up outside some restaurant for brunch on a Sunday morning, I think "The food can't be that good! It ain't worth the wait! Here, folks, follow me to this place called 'McDonald's' where they'll cook you up a breakfast just as good for a fraction of the cost, and there's no waiting!" 


Amusement park ride lines where they either have monitors to amuse the hoi polloi or signs indicating wait times "from this point" means it's too long of a wait for me. No thank you.  Unless it's "Pirates of the Carribbean" at Disneyland, in which case, there is never too long a wait.


Grocery store lines drive me crazy, and social distancing protocols over the past 15 months haven't helped. What I don't get is how difficult it is to form a straight line. I mastered this in kindergarten. But I can't tell you how many times the person who walks up after me decides to join the line at a 90º angle to me rather than get behind me. Then before long I've got one or more person or persons behind me and one or more to my right or left. And almost invariably, the one who joins the line at a right angle s-l-o-w-l-y tries to creep in front of me. Not on my watch, pal!  I'll creep ahead of you just a little bit quicker.  I can be very passive-aggressive when I need to be!  It's one of my most endearing qualities.

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@AvocadoDog Love your answer!  Yes, lines, come on people, form one line. Big pet peeve of mine.  The same thing when driving and three lanes merge into one. Basic courtesy, common sense, not so common.

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