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Why I find classical and Big Band to be much more better than rap

If you hear these "kids" blaring their rap songs out the windows of their cars, you can barely understand what the artist is trying to say in his song.  Many rap pieces seem to support stupid stuff such as gangs, drugs, sex, and violence.  I too could remember listening to a Disneyland record about Franz Joseph Hayden and learned how strict they were in the days when he was a boy.  If you did anything bad in those days, it was over.  Bach even taught us the four singing ranges when he wrote the "Little" Fugue in G minor and the "Jig" Fugue in G Major, he taught us the four singing ranges.  They are heard very well on a pipe organ.  Sadly, when we go to the store, many of the places where we shop will show more respect for the kids rather than us older people.  

Seniors are just antique people rich with history.
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Dear Patrick R, I have a funny story to tell you about the fastest "generation gap" I experienced. When I was dating my wife in HS., we went to Jazz and Big Band concerts,(Stan Kenton, Ralph Marterie, Billy Mays, & the like). The n I went into the Army, and came home on leave after about six months, and we saw a "Dick Clark" concert advertised. so I got tickets to a local large-venue arena for my fiancee & I. So, imagine my surprise when we got seated and the emcee came running out,  grabbed the mike and yelled; "and now, here's (*&%$$") incoherent due to mass screaming, and I really never heard any of the "singers" because of the screaming. I told my friends later, that if anyone would have screamed like that at Kenton's concert, someone would have stood up and knocked them OUT!  so right then & there , I knew my concert attending days were going to be few in number! And until my three kids got old enough to bug us about taking them, they were indeed !

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