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What type of summer camp would you like to go to?

Is there a skill you'd like to learn, or maybe just enjoy the outdoors and relive childhood memories? What if you could create your own camp experience--what would it be?


Here are some options you can check out for a summer camp experience as an adult:


My summer camp is fairly modest. It would be an Art camp allowing a person to explore all types of mediums, such as watercolours,oil, acrylic, gauche, clay, fimo, jewelry making (needs and actual smithing). With all that at the minimum it would be 2 weeks, a month preferably.

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  • I’d like to go to a dude ranch where electronic devices are banned and there are a lot of good looking women and a honky tonk bar.  That’s what I'M talkin about!
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I want to go to the same camp as 2papa

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I would like walks in the woods, on a path of course!  Meditation classes, tai chi classes. Swimming, boating.  Campfires and loads of singing!

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A place where I can get lost in the woods, barbecue whatever I wanted, and have plenty of time to catch the Jasnse games on TV!


And there will be no access to any work details, just like the camp I almost enrolled in through the group sessions!

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Coffee available any time after 5 am.  I could take my dog.  Co-ed as I am married and would want to be with my husband. Various activities available.  Light exercise in the mornings possibly before breakfast.  I m 78 and my husband is turning 80.  Water aerobics available.  Some choices made by us on food.  Only healthy food would be served. Games we could choose to play by signing up a day ahead.  A location that was not too hot or a camp in October when it has cooled down.  Comfortable beds a must. Definitely a relaxing atmosphere. I would like some discussion groups in the evenings regarding things of interest to us in our golden years.  Health issues, aging in place, how to stay mentally healthy, Living options available. Presentations could be made by professionals in these areas. 

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