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Waikiki Musings

During the past two weeks, I have encountered on my walks a few unsettling situations: a menacing disheveled old man muttered incoherently and almost bumped me off the sidewalk; a well-dressed young man leered at me and wildly proclaimed that God will just as easily **bleep** me as save me from the snares of Satan; a group of bitter apartment residents behind a screened-in-porch exchanged venomous obscenities as they argued about the unfairness of life. They tremendously disheartened me.

By comparison, I have recently observed that animals can be more affectionate than people. A couple of days ago while I was walking in the neighborhood, a woman holding a small poodle said hello to a female friend of hers who then started to walk toward them. Immediately, the dog jumped out of its owner’s arms and deliriously encircled the friend, jumping as high as it could and yapping with delight. What sheer joy! It was inspiring.

Today on my walk, I was heartened to see some intimate, life-enhancing camaraderie between people.

This afternoon, I observed a young woman who gently, repeatedly, and rhythmically patted her boyfriend on the butt as they waited to cross the street—he certainly didn’t complain about getting such attention; later I witnessed a middle-aged man give a heartfelt pat on his wife’s behind—she responded by slightly wiggling her rear end.

These endearing redemptive moments make me yearn for my wife’s return from Cancun. It can’t be soon enough: While I was leaving the restroom at the Elks Club earlier in the day, a provocatively dressed woman passed by me. As she did so, she grinned and said “Hello darling.” Whoa!


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