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Recognized Social Butterfly


Uplift in Waikiki

Yesterday, I almost lost it on my final walk around the block. Watching a fairly young woman traipsing near me with her face mask on just her mouth, I said, “Lady, cover your nose, you idiot.” She didn’t acknowledge my advice; perhaps my low-registered voice was even more muffled by my mask, or perhaps she heard me and could have cared less what I cautioned her to do. I should have ignored her as well. Mea culpa!

But today was a different story. During my walk, I frequently noticed a properly masked middle-aged woman who unsuccessfully implored her dog to do its business. But when I saw them on my last lap, she used a different strategy. She started to rhapsodically dance about (variations on the two-step); her dog accommodated her with a huge dump that the woman quickly deposited in a Ziplock bag.

I could have been wrong. The woman had earplugs on; she might merely have decided to prance about to whatever music that appealed to her, regardless of her dog’s inclinations. Whatever her motivation, I was awed by her performance. I gained a newfound bounce to my own steps as I bypassed her and her ever-so-accommodating dog.

Some days, I scoff at the scofflaws who violate the mask mandates; but today, I appreciated someone who followed not only the regulations but also did so with elan.

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