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The Locus of Focus

My wife and I have recently toyed with the idea of getting a quiet small dog that will live with us in our condo unit. Ever since then, I have noticed an influx of leashed dogs on my walks around the block. Yesterday, at a weekend bloom and craft festival at Ward Center in Honolulu, it seemed that arrays of customers were either holding or leading their dogs throughout the facility. I was taken aback. Am I all of a sudden now living in a dog-centered community? In any case, after making a few purchases, we passed by other shopping areas in Ward Center. Before we got too far, my wife and I saw a line-up of dogs being groomed at Johnny’s dog spa. The next morning, the only item in the mail was an Elks magazine featuring pictures of and descriptions of dogs representing the most popular breeds in America.

I wonder if my wife and I hadn’t discussed getting a dog, would I have been so intently aware of how many dogs that I encountered while plodding on my daily walk, while browsing at myriad festival stalls, while meandering in the mall, and while retrieving a magazine.

My wife occasionally leaves me at home while she enjoys kibitzing and carousing with her like-minded female friends. I don’t mind being alone. It gives me a chance to revisit political websites, write vignettes, and clean and organize the condo. After all of my recent incidental and hauntingly coincidental dog sightings, perhaps I should doggedly pursue acquiring a canine companion. The universe may well be nudging me in that direction: I have picked up the scent.



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Dear and wifey... please read this as experience and not advice?


The loss of our last dog was as painful as the loss of a child. We could not consider a pet again. I know everyone has different experiences with "pets" but you and Mrs seem to be super caring people and I want you to know there may be loses in the future with pets...



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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