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Snippets from Waikiki

At a restaurant: my wife and I noticed a young lady sitting down at the bar. She was wearing a non-sporty white bra. Bravo!

From the vantage point of my car: while I was patiently waiting for a stoplight to turn green, a bus driver ahead of me barreled through the red light. How bullish!

During my walks: During my initial walk on one side of the street, I saw a well-endowed young woman whose tight-fitting purple mesh top boldly displayed the contour of her nipples. Near the end of my walk on the other side of the street, I saw the same person strut her stuff. For decorum’s sake, she should have nipped that revealing outfit in the bud.

An intoxicated middle-aged man in a wheelchair growled at me as I painstakingly passed by him on my walk: “Use those rickety legs while you can.” A sobering thought!

As I approached a stop sign during my walk, I noticed a young lady wearing a very short skirt. Before I had a chance to round the bend, she casually lifted the left side of her skirt to expose most of her butt: What a sideshow! How cheeky!

I noticed on one of my walks a homeless man scavenging in a dumpster. He was very discriminating: he discarded most of the refuse until he found a few pristine cans and bottles that he triumphantly placed in his cart. How picky!

There is always something oddly amusing and bemusing happening in Waikiki. Vive la difference!


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