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Missing your favorite sports?



Are you missing your favorite sports? What do you most enjoy watching and playing? What can you not wait to come back sportswise?


I was taught that individual sports and outdoor activities are the most important because people can follow physical activities they can participate in throughout their lives, and get in the habits of enjoying those activities, reaping the health rewards.  Despite school athletics programs, gym classes and so forth I resisted ALL team sports.  I couldn't tell you the names of overpaid players or many of the names of any type of ball teams.  I don't spend thousands a year being a loyal fan,  Happily not in withdrawal or missing any of it.  Send me fishing, hiking, or bicycling and I'm happy.    LOL


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I know I am! I have been watching more horse racing than usual and last night I watched the NBA HORSE contest, in which Mike Conley Jr. won! 


Looking like we won't have sports back for awhile, but this week is probably the best sports week we will have for awhile between NBA HORSE, WNBA Draft, the Michael Jordan / Chicago Bulls ESPN documentary and next week's NFL Draft!

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NBA HORSE, that's a new one to me. (How fun!) Have to admit, my mind immediately went to the postponement of the Kentucky Derby!

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Yup!  And that's usually one of the only horse races I watch yearly.


Triple Crown - Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes, The Preakness...but last week I found myself on a zoom call with friends watching the more minor races in Florida and Arkansas. Lol. 


The Derby would be coming up in three weeks. They pushed back to Labor Day weekend...hopefully it can happen then!


The NBA decided to put together the HORSE shooting competition and had players go live from their home courts via teleconference and compelte against each other. It was great!  Video quality wasn't the best...but hey better than nothing. 

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