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Well of course Gang, retirement cannot be anything like usual or "normal" in the face of this confounded "bug".  But I think we won't have to hold our collective breath too much longer. It looks like there are a good half-dozen Pharma firms who have what they believe to be a good vaccine in hand. They just have to give it another month or two worth of testing, and then gear up for distribution, so I'm betting on December or January until we can check in with our Dr. or pharmacy and get our vaccine to get life back to normal. Signed-the eternal optimist or IndyMo


I'm hopeful, but don't believe travel restrictions etc will be lifted for a year or more by other countries.  The USA has demonstrated our callus disregard relative to the virus, our lack of compassion for one another, and there are still pockets of deep denial about the virus in the USA.  I can't see myself heading into those regions without a mask, even with a vaccine, because a lot of people (estimated 30%) will refuse the vaccine.  I guess I'd like to see an effective long lasting vaccine at a reasonable price with full access to all persons in the country (for the mutual protection of all).  I agree that there will be more home based work, more online schooling at all levels, and more "Zoom type" meetings and conferences, as people are less fearful of, less resistant, and become experienced with "technology meetings."  Grocery pick-up is here to stay!  Shopping on-line is more far reaching and will have tremendous impact on local economies.  Sure I'd like to "GO." I cancelled 3 cruises scheduled for this year, but I'm not complaining.  I'm praying for our country, our economy, peoples jobs, health care and other support workers in the midst of a complete lack of competent leadership at the top levels.  God Bless us all.

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Joke of the day;  "Never criticize anyone before you've walked a mile in their shoes-That way you'll be a mile away from them before they can hear you , AND you'll have their shoes!"

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I dont think WE, the country will get back to normal for a long time.
There will be a new normal. Big changes.
How we education our children. will there be school??
More people will be working from home.
And college grads, how will they get a job (at home)??

Yes a vaccine will be the start. How good is your crystal ball??
Stay safe, David
David Eig
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