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Life Insurance tip

As one who took the "experts" too seriously, I now find myself in an akward position. The college-boy "pros" will always advise you to buy term life and invest the difference. Well, that's fine when you are under 40 with a house full of kids. But there are two things wrong with this blanket piece of advice;   Number one,hold up your hand if you still have the first stock certificate from the first issue you ever bought. Yep, not many hands. Number two; notice how after the 40th, those birthdays seem to click along every nine months, then every six, then every three?? Suddenly there you are -OLD and term insurance starts to get very, very expensive, and you may have to pass a physical.  No folks, there will indeed come a time when buying cash-value life insurance, is to your advantage, because, along about age 75, if you wait until then to buy it, the premiums on a policy big enough to cover a bare-bones funeral becomes almost cost-prohibitive. So along about age 40 or 45, you're better-off buying a "Life paid up at 80 or 90" and pay the premiums and forget about being there otherwise. Your kids will appreciate your looking out for yourself.

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