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Joke of the Day, Fri-Sept 18

Young man took his fiancee to a fancy rest. to really impress her. Waiters wearing cut-away Tux jackets, white towel over one arm (the whole bit). the girl was duly impressed, but she whispered to her date; " listen, I noticed these guys all have a spoon in their breast pocket-what'dya suppose that's all about?" So the young man called the waiter over and asked him. The waiter replied very officiously;"Our management did a study and found out that the most often dropped utensil at the table was the spoon, so we carry a clean replacement to save time and improve efficiency!"  Wow,were these kids impressed! But later on the girl leaned over again, and said; "Now I've noticed that they all have a string hanging out of their zipper on their fly.!" So again, the waiter was summoned, and again, very officiously said;"Our management did a further study and found that when we go to the bathroom, 90 percent of the time it's just to urinate, so if we use this string to take out our equipment, we needn't wash our hands!" The guy blurted out; " Well that's just fine but how do you put it back away?" The waiter looked around anxiously, and whispered, "I don't know about the rest of the guys, but I just use my spoon!"

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