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Incidental Camaraderie during COVID-19

One might expect that people whom you casually meet on the street would be a bit glum considering the huge spike in Omicron infections this week in Hawaii, but not from what I experienced as I started walking again after my mild bout of COVID-19.  I soon encountered a variety of strangers who greeted me graciously.

A frail old woman waved at me. A raggedy teenager emphatically nodded as he passed by me. A well-groomed man while pushing his infant in a baby carriage warmly said hello to me. A group of begrimed youths working on a car asked me if I was having a good day. A spiffy man as elderly as I am addressed me with these polite words: “How are you doing, sir?” At one point, as I neared a matronly woman walking her dog, the frisky pup came towards me. Its owner tugged on the leash to make sure that there was no contact with me. I appreciated her vigilance. A few feet ahead, a much younger woman with a similar pup decided to stop with her dog until I edged by safely. Such courtesy!

In each case of people showing me good will, I reciprocated either with an appropriate gesture or a brief but heartfelt reply. From the anecdotal evidence that I have witnessed, the ominous spread of the Omicron variant has not dampened The Aloha Spirit.


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I so love and appreciate your posts, from "the 9th Island" 🤗


I also would love and appreciate if everyone would act as those you encounter daily; unfortunately that's not what we seeing here in "the 9th Island" nor continental US and elsewhere.


I go outside my apartment perhaps 4 times a month, always masked, always with sterile swipes; I've done this since the first CDC advice. What bothers me, Schlomo, is maybe 5% of my neighbors don't; and we're "at risk" (senior) community...


I so wish I could live in a community such as yours. Thank you, again, for your posts that ensure me there are still humans out there who care for others.



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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