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How To Adjust toLiving in Assisted Living & Memory Care Facilities

This is best answered by those of us actually living in AL and not Caretakers or Managers.I hope there are other AARP members that live in AL that will participate.

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I had to pick the AL facility which I moved my Mom into - she refused to participate in the selection.

She was only there for less than a year and then her care level increased to where I had to make other placement decisions.


I did visit her often and got to know the facility, the staff and the other residents and some of their family.  It seemed to me that some fitted into the living environment well others not so much.  I don't think this might have been anything new - some people are introverted; other extroverted.

I am an introvert so I think Assisted Living would be difficult for me.


I hope you do get responses from people living in Assisted Living facilities - I would like to find out what they think, what they like/don't like - what's difficult to accept but also what are the good things - do you feel more secure, are you happy that others are there to help you do things that either you could not do or had difficulty doing.?


I did have a couple of problems - one was handled very unsatisfactory (missing meds) - the other was handled very satisfactory ( mom lost her rings - staff found them). 

It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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I am extremely pleased with the quality of the meals at my AL, Truly gourmet quality,
I can eat in the dining room or request Tray Service to my apartment. Transportation to appointments via AL limo is nice. It's expensive living here but largely offset by insurance benefits.
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