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Have many, but Eddie Murphy. Nicole 🙂

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Well, actually, I have several, one I truly loved all his movies, Sean Connery, sleek, smooth and debenoir.

the next guy is Charles Bronson, what a cool actor, looked like a regular dude, not acting at all.

The next one is Russell Crowe- I still watch all his movies and if there is a new one out, I'm on it.

This is my totally favorite actor of all time- Rutger Hauer- he beats anybody hands down.

Another actor is I can't think of his name right now but is acting is way over the top like Rutger Hauer, he was Mr. Scrooge, his crusty voice was out of this world.

I did like Clint Eastwood when he was first acting in Rawhide and he should have been the main actor.  He knew how to act like a regular cowhand.  When, he went into his movies, he really found his niche!  Then, on to directing was a super plus for him!

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                           Monday, June 17, 2019--6:53 pm CST


My favorite actor is Jim Carrey. I love his movies, and his recent TV series "Kidding" on Showtime. I have other favorite actors. Leonard Nimoy (March 26, 1931--February 27, 2015) as well as Brent Spiner. My other favorite entertainer is Jim Nabors (June 12, 1930--November 30, 2017).


                                                Terry Marvin (Dallas, Texas, USA)


I agree with you. Jayson Li is a great actor.
And I really like SEAN MURRAY. A very talented actor. But just do not understand what happens to his weight, then grow thin, then grow stout.
On some photos, he looks very sick. Here I read that his weight loss is associated with a diet. What kind of diet is this that makes a person sick. Now he recovered again.

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