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Recognized Social Butterfly


From Painful to Playful

Yesterday, as my wife and I entered our Leisure Heritage condo lobby, we saw a distraught middle-aged woman surrounded by some hefty bags. The moment that she noticed us, she began to loudly and relentlessly complain that the taxi had not dropped her off where she was supposed to go: the Waikiki Health Center. Although my wife and I clearly explained that her destination was just next door, she continued her mean-spirited rant.  Before the harridan completely imploded, my wife intervened: she offered to escort her to the clinic. To our relief, the woman ended her scary diatribe and obediently followed my wife.

What a nasty few moments! But my day soon dramatically improved as I began taking my walk. A young couple was holding hands ahead of me. The woman suddenly started to wiggle and jiggle and skip and sway. Her partner affectionately gave her a pat on the butt. This delightful scene dispelled any lingering unease that I felt earlier in the lobby.

A few minutes later, I saw the same couple still holding hands. But this time, it was the man who cavorted. He rattled his arms and shimmied and squirmed. He concluded his antics by gently bumping his hips against his partner’s hips. Way to go!


Every day in Waikiki, I am reminded that joyful people vastly outnumber any malcontents. And for that bounty, I am grateful.


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