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Email pal or chat here pal

Hi, I would like a email/chat  pall just to chat with.  I live in Wisconsin and I like growing vegetables on my balcony.


I have what they call DDD or like a pinched nerve in my neck, so it interferred

with my balance, so I hardly go out but love to talk!  


I like reading and now since this Virus, have been a Netflix fan.


If anyone would like to chat with me I guess leave a message here-

this is my 1st time doing this.  

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Hello everyone, greetings from the old pueblo Tucson Az. Looking for a chat buddy to help pass the boredom from the pandemic quarantine. I'm 52 years old Hispanic male recently retired from the carpenters union after 33 years in construction. Love to cook garden and pretty much an outdoors type of guy.

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Hi i have tried to find chating friends for a while. I can't seem to work this site very well .I am also a retired nurse but my whole career was in labor and delivery .(best place in the hospital) I live in ca on a remote small ranch.I am in the middle of a two year divorce,I know at my age. I have to have satelite internet  so just recently have been watching netflicks andprime video. I love madame secretary and grace and frankie andvirgin river. 

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Hi there!!!    

   I know what DDD is.  Was in nursing years ago.  Not a fun issue.    

   I once grew carrots and celery and a few other things when I had a patio at an apartment.  It is surprising what one may grow in a limited space, isn't it?  People just thought I was growing green things!  

   I too like reading.  Love reading anything Amish, John Grisham, Robin Cook, and James Patterson.  Just finished reading 3 John Grisham books and am starting on the first of 4 James Patterson books that a pen pal sent me.  What do you like to read?   

    I also watch Netflix and have seen several shows. 

    Recently attended at Tennessee Walking Horse show in the town where I live.  It was a three day show and I went all three nights.  Had a blast!  I love horses.  Use to own a TN Walker.     

    Been to Wisconsin many times.  Use to be a long haul trucker/trainer.  Still am an avid bird watcher and trucking made it so easy at times!  Have logged over 300 birds across the US.   

    Live in TN, happily newly married (it's the third for both of us), love horses, cats, flowers, genealogy, bird watching, reading, jig saw puzzles, photography, and more.  

    Til next time


Candice Gourley
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